Jul 4, 2014

The world's fastest C2 Corvette: SIX-5

Last weekend at the 'Unlimited Racing' event in Lappeenranta Finland, I had the amazing opportunity to film the world's fastest C2 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray (1965) up close, and not only that, I got to experience the power and speed of this amazing muscle car classic as a passenger on a high speed run on track!

This stunning car has clocked 200+ mph ( 322 km/h ) on a standing mile run (7.6.2014 Lappeenranta, Finland) making it the worlds fastest street legal C2 Corvette. Pretty epic speed for an almost 50 year old automobile!
The custom built Small Block 400cid 6.5L V8 engine produces 1000+ HP with the NOS kit (Nitrous Oxide System).

Here's a small teaser clip of the upcoming videos that will include a high speed onboard ride on track, engine startups and brutal V8 and exhaust sound, huge revs, overview of the car and its engine bay, GoPro track footage and much much more.

Video: PREVIEW: World's Fastest C2 Corvette | +1000 HP | Video(s) coming soon! |
Link: http://youtu.be/uohe1I99WQo

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A big thank you to the very kind and talented owner / driver of the car Kimmo "SIX-5" Nevalainen, and to Daniel at Ultimate GT (http://www.ultimate-gt.com/) for this great event!

Check out the latest SUPERCAR / MUSCLE CAR videos here:

The SIX-5 Corvette videos are online now, check 'em out!!

VIDEO: World's Fastest Chevrolet Corvette C2: high speed onboard ride on track!

VIDEO: World's Fastest Chevrolet Corvette C2: huge revs, V8 startups, overview and more!


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