Feb 11, 2014

Nissan Skyline GT-R combo!

Spotted this awesome Nissan Skyline GT-R combo a while back in Helsinki, Finland.
The blue R34 Skyline is tuned and modified by the well-known Japanese tuning company called Bee R, which builds and modifies cars for drifting tournaments. This car packs at least 600 HP, probably even more, and that custom Body kit looks awesome!

The other, white R33 Skyline, is the V Spec (Victory Specification) model, which means more upgraded, track focused model in the GTR range.

CORRECTION!!! That blue "R34" Skyline is actually a R32 Skyline with an R34 front end, and not sure if it really is tuned by BEE-R, sorry about that...

Thought I'd show you car peeps a small video clip, and also some photos that I took of these stunning modified track monsters, hope you enjoy.

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