Mar 20, 2014

Here's what's coming up

So after the Geneva trip it's time to start getting ready for probably the biggest Jamboolio's carspotting trip of this year, which is full TWO WEEKS in Cannes and Monaco in May.
I did this same thing last year, head to Cannes right for the start of Cannes Film Festival, which means that the town is full of the most amazing supercars and hypercars, day and night naturally!

VIDEO: Cannes 2013 Supercar Nights

Monaco is right next to Cannes, so it's easy to make multiple trips there, and as you'll probably know that place is always packed with stunning cars. Plus there'll be the F1 Grand Prix weekend, which draws a lot of more Supercars to town, and I'll be there to film all of them.

VIDEO: Monaco Supercar Spotting 2013

As for the Muscle Car fans, things are looking good also. You see the fantastic Helsinki Cruising Night events start again in April, and that means once a month the Market Square in Helsinki will be packed with all kinds of American V8 and V10 muscle cars, classics and brand new, all in one place.

VIDEO: BULLITT!! 1968 Ford Mustang GT-390 Fastback "Bullitt" - incredible V8 sound!!

 VIDEO: V8 SYMPHONY!! Helsinki Cruising Night 9/2013 - muscle cars, loud exhausts and more!

There's also one very special event here in Finland at the end of June, that I'll be attending, and will get very exclusive footage from, and that is the Unlimited Racing event in Lappeenranta, Finland from June 27 to 29.

The organizer has granted me limitless access to this event for full three days, that means Supercars, Muscle Cars, on-board rides etc. etc. So a big thank you to Daniel from D1 Ultimate Racing! A lot of footage coming from there in the summer.

For more info and tickets to this fantastic event, click here:

Many more events and happenings coming up before and after these that I've just mentioned, but more of them later...

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